Mark Pendleton

11/24/08 – Pendleton of Martinez was riding a Shimano road bike south on McEwan Road near state Highway 4 between 5 and 6 p.m. when he was fatally struck head-on by a vehicle which left the scene.

It is thought the vehicle crossed over into the southbound lane and hit Pendleton, who was riding close to the west shoulder.

An off-duty fire captain from Crockett spotted Pendleton just after 6 p.m. and called for medical assistance but Pendleton died at the scene.

Harold Brown, 53, was arrested June 2 on suspicion of hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter. Prosecutors have backed away from offering a plea agreement.

“Mark, my love

My heart aches for you.

Everywhere I look I see evidence of the man you are. As I wander through our home without you I see your handy work. It could be something as big as roofing our home, something fun like helping me choose my first bike, or even something as small as me wanting to choose a new protein powder for myself. You always research, research and research to come up with what would be perfect, and it always was. You are my go to guy and I have so much confidence in your opinion. What will I do without you?

You can be very proud of yourself. You have provided me with two wonderful sons. You have helped to mold them into the incredible young men that they are and you would be glowing with pride if you could see how they have cared for me these last few days. They have been fiercely protective of me just like you raised them to be. I see you in them.

There is something I never told you. Everyday when I would sit on the end of the couch to watch TV with you (not only are there two couches, it’s a long couch and has plenty of spaces to sit on) you would always sit so close to me that I barely had room to move my arm. I would think to myself, “Dude, there’s a lot of space, how about giving me a little”. I was so blessed to have a husband, that after 28 years of marriage would not only choose to sit on the same couch as me but to sit right up against me day after day after day.

I promise you that I will put all my love and effort into continuing on to raise our son’s into adulthood the way we had planned. We will carry you in our heart to every event that you will miss, college graduations, marriages, births of grandchildren… you will be with us in our heart.

Please know that I love you deeply and miss you terribly,

The wife of your youth,


Mark’s Memorial Website

Location of crash


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